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The British rubber company, Avon, was established in 1904. It began with manufacturing pneumatic tyres for bicycles and soon moved to produce different tyres for a range of vehicles classes. The units produced by this company go through a punishment testing regime to ensure safety and stability. The brand is also popular as a supplier of tyres to different championships. 

You can now purchase Avon tyres Leicester for your vehicles by reaching out to us at Simply Tyres. You can easily buy these tyres online from us and book our mobile tyre fitting services as well. Call us to know more.

Avon tyres Leicester available at our garage

    4X4 Tyres

  • ZX7
  • These Avon tyres Leicester come with a V-shaped tread pattern, ensuring optimum responsiveness and steering stability. Also, these units feature more sipes and deeper grooves, thereby dispersing water to the sides and reducing the risks of hydroplaning.


    Winter Tyres

  • WV7 Snow
  • The soft rubber compound of these units remains flexible, ensuring improved traction and handling performance. Also, several sipes on these units optimise grip on snow, slush and ice. Their deeper tread accounts for enhanced cornering precision along with reducing the chances of aquaplaning on icy and slippery roads. 

Some other Avon tyres we sell

  • ZZ5 (High-performance tyres)
  • ZV7 (All-season tyres)

Does your vehicle require a new set of Avon tyres Leicester?

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You can certainly also buy your new tyres online.

All tyres by Avon Tyres
Avon AS7
Price from £114.54
Avon AV12
Price from £128.28
Avon AX7
Price from £185.94
Avon WV7 Snow
Price from £112.80
Avon Zeon 4XS
Price from £200.94
Avon ZT7
Price from £107.34
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