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If you come across issues such as vibrations in the steering wheel, uneven wear and tear of tyres or poor fuel economy, it is time for a wheel balancing check. It makes sure that the weight of your car wheels is evenly distributed around the entire circumference so that the wheel and tyre assembly rotate uniformly even at a high speed.

For expert car wheel balancing Leicester, you can contact us here at Simply Tyres. Our IMI trained technicians use eco-friendly counterweights and the most advanced balancers on the market to ensure your wheels are balanced accurately.

Why is car wheel balancing Leicester necessary?

Did you know that driving with unbalanced wheels can put undue stress on your vehicle’s shock absorbers? That is why experts always recommend opting for a wheel balancing check every 5000 to 6000 miles.

There are several reasons as to why wheels can become unbalanced. For instance, the stem hole of a wheel can deduct some amount of weight, causing one side to be lighter than the other. Also given the lack of investment into our road network over the years, driving through potholes and the need for wheel balancing is almost inevitable.

A wheel balancing check is necessary for every vehicle to avoid issues such as accelerated tyre wear.

Often, unbalanced wheels become the reason for sudden tyre blowouts. Routine visits by our wheel balancing experts are certain to make your ride more comfortable, maintain fuel economy and reduce the chances of an accident.

Key points:

What can lead to unbalanced wheels?
    • Unbalanced weight distribution due to manufacturing of new tyres and wheels
    • Tyre wear due to constant usage
    • Driving through potholes and bumpy surfaces at higher speeds, etc. 

What are the symptoms of unbalanced wheels?

You will detect the following warning signals in your vehicle in case of unbalanced wheels. 

  • Vibrations in the steering wheel and floorboards.
  • Unusual tyre wear pattern.
  • Decreased fuel economy. 
  • Increased braking distance.
  • Reduced steering response, etc.

You need to stay vigilant and look out for these warning signs. If you notice any, give us a call or book your expert wheel balancing check online here.

How do we carry out wheel balancing?

    • Our experts first mount the wheels on a balancing machine. 
    • Technicians rotate the wheels at a high speed to detect the areas of weight imbalance.
    • Eco-friendly counterweights are then added at appropriate areas for balancing.

When buying new tyres from us, wheel balancing is always part of our tyre fitting service. We can conduct both static and dynamic wheel balancing Leicester as per the requirement.

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