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Are you looking for Wheel Alignment for your vehicle?

Wheel alignment is an important part of vehicle maintenance and involves an intricate process that requires professional help. If the wheel angles of your car are not optimally aligned, it will not only jeopardise your safety and handling performance but also reduce the fuel efficiency of your car.

At Simply Tyres, we offer a thorough inspection of your car’s wheel alignment Leicester with state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge tools. Also, our charges are extremely affordable and can help you save a great deal without any compromise with the quality of service.


Why is wheel alignment important?

Optimally aligned wheels are also essential to the proper functioning of a car’s suspension system. It determines the steering stability of the vehicle and helps to control the car effectively in different road conditions. Wheel alignment also determines the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. Misaligned wheels increase rolling resistance and make it harder to drive on a straight line. This, in turn, increases fuel consumption and the cost per kilometre.

Further, it also affects the durability of a tyre by increasing the chances of tread wear. It is, therefore, extremely crucial to ensure that the wheel angles of your car are aligned to their manufacturer-recommended measurements.

When to avail a wheel alignment check?

If the axle geometry of your car is out of order, you are most likely to come across the following warning signs:

  • Your car drifts to a side,
  • Uneven tread wear
  • Frequent tyre wear
  • Crooked steering wheel
  • Vibrating steering wheel
  • Increased fuel consumption, etc.

If you detect these symptoms, book an appointment with a professional wheel alignment garage Leicester like Simply Tyres for early rectification. Any delay will severely impact the mechanism of related car components and lead to hefty repair costs in future.

How can we help?

Simply Tyres offers exclusive wheel alignment checks with modern equipment and a team of expert technicians. We use advanced sensors and digital cameras that immensely reduce the measurement time and record any fault in the wheel angles in the least TAT.

We thoroughly inspect all the three fundamental angles of a wheel, which includes:

    • Caster angle

Caster is essentially the angle at which the steering axis tilts either forward or backward. This angle determines the steering efficiency of a vehicle and any fault in this angle will lead to an unresponsive steering mechanism, thereby increasing the risk of accident.

    • Camber angle

Camber indicates the vertical tilt of a car’s wheel when viewed from the front. This angle is extremely crucial for factors like acceleration and cornering precision. If there is any fault in this angle, it will hugely impact the performance of the car and also increase tread wear.

    • Toe angle

Toe corresponds to the angle at which a wheel tilts inward or outward with respect to the longitudinal axis, when seen from the front of the vehicle. If the toe angle is not optimally aligned, it results in an increased vehicular drift towards the left or right direction even while driving straight.

Thus, if you are still looking for a “wheel alignment garage near me”, end your search and visit us during business hours at 3 Oswin Rd, Leicester LE3 1HR.

Please call us on 01164 03 03 03 to book an appointment.

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