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Simply Tyres believes in making sure that crucial information regarding tyre sizes and specifications are available to customers, so that it is not a difficult affair to select an ideal set of tyres. Our technicians will help you to understand tyre size meaning and its importance.

It is crucial to install tyres as per specifications provided by the manufacturer to enjoy optimum handling performance and safety. Incorrect tyre size can affect the overall driving experience, along with causing suspension damage and poor fuel economy.

How to decode tyre size meaning?

Manufacturers provide the specifications of the tyre on the outside wall with an alphanumeric code. And understanding this code is the key to decoding tyre size of your car.

We can elucidate better with an example: 205/55/R16 91H

Let’s take a look at what this code means.

  • Tyre width: The first number in this code - 205 - refers to the width of the tyre in millimetres.
  • Sidewall aspect ratio: 55 is the aspect ratio in percentage of sidewall divided by tyre width section.
  • Construction: The letter R stands for radial tyres, the most widely used passenger tyre built in the UK.
  • Rim diameter: Following two numbers after R indicates rim diameter which is 16 inches in this case.
  • Load bearing capacity: 91 denote the load-bearing capacity of a single tyre, which if you multiply by 4, equates to the load-bearing capacity.
  • Speed rating: The last letter of this code stands for the maximum speed at which this particular tyre can be driven on.

Some more information on tyre size

M+S: This code stands for Mud and Slush, also denoted by M&S - these are normally found in winter tyres. These tyres are specifically manufactured to deliver reliable performance in demanding winter situations.

E Marks: These are still not mandatory in the UK, it is advisable to opt for tyres with this symbol if you are travelling in EU countries. It indicates that a particular unit adheres to requisites in the UN’s ECE Regulation Number 30-02.

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