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Posted on: 15, 02, 2022 at 12:00:00
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Why Are Locking Wheel Nuts Fitted
Why Are Locking Wheel Nuts Fitted

Want To Know About Why Locking Wheel Nuts Are Fitted?

Alloy wheels are pricey along with sensational and come in a range of designs to enhance the cars they are fitted to yet, unfortunately, can be a prime target for crooks. Or at least they would be if manufacturers, in addition to owners, did not take actions to combat thieves making use of locking wheel nuts or securing wheel screws. Unfortunately, theft of Alloy Wheels has started to increase recently for several reasons such as the high worth and given large numbers of vehicles are on a lease or PCP plans implying that any type of damages leads to significant expenses to rectify. Damage to wheels is a common type of damage, so a market is swiftly being developed where vehicle drivers are lured by the deal of cheaper often swiped alternatives.

A locking wheel nut is fitted, one for every wheel, they include an 'important' locking wheel nut key, which is specially developed to fit the special pattern of the locking wheel nuts. There are a restricted number of patterns made use of by suppliers, so other drivers will have locking wheel nut keys that are the same as the one which removes your wheel nuts.

Kinds Of Locking Wheel Nut

There are 3 significant kinds of locking wheel nuts. To start with, the most basic and prominent type is the keyed head kind. A shaped groove is keyed straight into the locking wheel nut that requires a coordinating key to reverse it.

Secondly and also one of the most protected locking wheel nuts have a turning collar around the nut, created to make it difficult to obtain purchase on the nut, without the locking wheel nut key, making locking wheel nut removal difficult.

Last but not least, some vehicles make use of detachable wheel bolts instead of nuts, you will discover bolts with heads that are designed to shear off if you do not have the suitable locking wheel nut key. Once again, these are extremely effective in making locking wheel nut removal a challenge.

So, What's The Problem - They Do a Good Job?

Losing or harming your special locking wheel nut key or just not having it in the vehicle when the requirement occurs. 

The whole purpose of the locking wheel nut is to ensure you cannot remove the wheel without it. So, getting the nut off using any kind of conventional method is not an alternative. Currently, if you have the code, which can usually be found in your vehicle's handbook or documents, you can purchase a replacement locking wheel nut key from your closest dealer. 

However, in emergencies such as a puncture at the roadside or the need to access parts behind the wheel itself, you have real trouble.

No Code or a Damaged Nut - What can you do?

Thankfully, Simply Tyres have the tools to safely carry out locking wheel nut removal without damage to the costly alloy wheels. This device is only available to the trade and the proper understanding, as well as training, are required to carry out this procedure safely.

There are lots of video clips on YouTube as well as supposed removal tools available on retail websites like Amazon, however, their performance is questionable and can bring about elevated costs when you ultimately call in an expert.

As soon as the nuts are removed safely, they can be changed to brand new conventional bolts or a brand new set of locking wheel nuts. This service can be executed anywhere across Leicester and the region of Leicestershire. 

To learn more or to talk through your Locking wheel nut removal troubles call us on 01164 03 03 03.

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