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Posted on: 17, 06, 2021 at 12:00:00
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Mobile Tyre Fitting Blaby | 17th June 2021
Mobile Tyre Fitting Blaby | 17th June 2021

Mobile Tyre Fitting Blaby | Fiat Camper Van

Mobile Tyre Fitting Blaby is a key service for us at Simply Tyres, especially our emergency call out service. Today we had an emergency call out in Blaby, a family who had bought a beautiful Fiat camper van the previous day and were ready for their first adventure. However, on doing a walk around check they discovered a huge nail had caused a puncture. The tyre itself was almost brand new so they were hoping to have a puncture repair carried out and continue with their plans.

Puncture Repair to British Standard BS AU 159

Here at Simply Tyres we only perform puncture repairs to British Standard BS AU 159 during our Emergency Call Outs. This means that tyres with punctures within the "T-Zone" are condoned. If you would like more information you can find that at The British Tyre Manufacturers Association.

Could we puncture repair the tyre?

Mobile Tyre Fitting Blaby Swift Campervan

In short no! During the emergency call out it was established (as you can see from the photograph, above) that due to the location we were unable to carry out the puncture repair during this mobile tyre fitting Blaby appointment.

No holiday today then?

Of course there was! This mobile tyre fitting appointment was not going end that way if Simply Tyres had anything to do with it! We fitted a replacement 215/15/R15 CP by Continental and the family were on their way in just over an hour. We carried this out right there and then in the storage facility. No need for a recovery vehicle, no need to sit in a reception area waiting, simply hassle free and efficient.

How can you find Simply Tyres mobile tyre fitting service?

This customer found us by typing in Mobile Tyre Fitting Blaby into google and we were with them in under 30 minutes. You can just type Simply Tyres Leicester into google and we will be there. When you are searching for mobile tyre fitting you need to be reassured that the company have the experience to deal with all situations but more importantly that your safety is paramount. Simply Tyres have access to thousands of tyres for car, light commercial vehicles, caravans and camper vans. We stock major brands of tyre at competitive prices and can fit tyres to any make and model.

When you call Simply Tyres you are dealing with professionals!

This mobile tyre fitting emergency call out ended with another happy Simply Tyres customer who was able to embark on their first adventure in their new camper van. So if you find yourself in need of mobile tyre fitting Blaby or require an emergency call out then look no further than Simply Tyres.

We carry out mobile tyre fitting and emergency call outs across the county of Leicestershire including puncture repairs and TPMS replacement. All of our vans our fitted with the latest equipment and our technicians are IMI trained to the highest possible standard. This means we can bring the tyre fitting centre to you, no more waiting rooms and travelling, we fit at your convenience!

For further information please call us free on 0800 129 9669 or click to begin searching for your Simply Tyres ---) mobile tyre fitting experience.

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